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The 10 Best Nail Guns

They can handle tougher projects too, like securing a standard floorboard to the drywall behind it. Brad nail guns , which fire nails that are slightly smaller in diameter, called brads, are best for delicate trim projects and custom woodworking pieces in which a larger nail might ruin the wood.

Home Depot shoppers gave it high marks for durability.

10 Best Electric Nail Guns

Available at Home Depot. They serve the same general purpose as a flooring stapler but are considered superior due to the durability and longevity of driven nails versus staples. Amazon shoppers give it high ratings for its reasonable price point and dependability. Roofing nail guns are made to drive nails into roofing materials such tar paper, asphalt, insulation, and shingles. According to the Casual Craftsman , brad, finish, and framing nail guns are the most common options for general use, but other types of nail guns will be able to perform specific types of jobs for you.

Picking the right nail gun is important in ensuring you have the right tool for the job, according to Lowes. We break dwon the main types below:. The best thing about a nail gun is the power with which this tool can drive nails. A good nail gun gives you amazing accuracy, drives nails into many hardwood surfaces, and discharges 10 nails in the time you could drive one nail by hand with a hammer.

As a couple of safety precautions, always wear high-impact safety goggles when working with a nail gun. And if you have small children in the area, look for a tool that has a trigger lock, which prevents children from inadvertently discharging nails. Homer Simpson wishes he would've had this feature. When you are looking for a reliable power tool that will serve DIY-ers as if they were pros, visit some commercial construction projects and see what they're using.

When it comes to nail guns, the Bostitch F21PL will be a common sight. The F21PL is a popular nail gun among contractors and professional construction people, but it carries a fair price point that makes it a good choice for at-home use, too. Pro Tool Reviews says this is a great nail gun for serious DIYers who want to use a professional-level tool without paying too much. The Bostitch nail gun has a host of useful features, including the ability to change nail depth with the push of a button. In its review, Framing Nailerz particularly liked this feature because it makes it easy to adjust nail gun settings on the fly.

However, you will have to purchase an air compressor separately. The nail gun can make use of nails between 1. Framing Nailer Hub loves how powerful this nail gun is and its consistency.

Jams are a common problem among nail guns designed for at-home users, but one Amazon reviewer said jams are rare with the Bostitch F21PL. A few Amazon buyers say they've experienced some problems with this nail gun's longevity, though, so keep that in mind. Pros: Trusted by professionals, delivers many features that will make jobs easier to complete, works with a range of nail lengths, rarely suffers nail jams, reasonable price.

Stanley TRE550Z Heavy Duty Electric Staple/Nail Gun - Multi-Colour

Cons: Will need to buy an air compressor separately, may provide more power than some DIY-ers actually need. Even though brad nails are small and thin, you don't want to skimp on the nail gun that you'll use to drive these nails. A small brad nailer will not drive the nails properly, leaving your woodworking project a mess.

This brad nail gun includes a volt battery, which yields good longevity for completing projects, while also giving you portability. Pro Tool Reviews appreciates the performance level of this brad nailer, saying jams were rare and the unit maintained a consistent nail depth, even when the battery was running low. One Amazon customer calls the PCCLA an extremely versatile tool, as it works with many different types of woodworking projects.

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However, a few Amazon reviewers say the longevity of this Porter-Cable brad nailer is questionable. Pros: Minimal nail jams, more power than most brad nailers, battery power, maintains nail depth when power is waning, lightweight and portable power tool.

Nailers & Staplers

Cons: Longevity of this brad nail gun is questionable, costs a bit more than less-powerful brad nailers. Power tools that can do it all work well for DIY-ers, who need versatility to handle whatever jobs pop up around the house. If you're looking for a finish nail gun that's up for any task, you'll love the DeWalt DK nail gun. This pneumatic nail gun has many great features for an affordable price.

The versatile DK will accept gauge nails between 1 and 2. It has a good amount of power, making it quite versatile. Buyers agree that this nail gun is perfect for use at home, and many like how easy it is to use.

Cordless Nail Guns & Nailers - Online at Anglia Tool Centre

An Amazon reviewer says it's easy to trust the quality of all DeWalt tools, and the DK is no exception. Reviewers and buyers alike say it doesn't have any major flaws, making it a great deal for the price.

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The Healthy Handyman review appreciates all of the features available with the DK model, including easy depth adjustment, an adjustable exhaust for the pneumatic nailer, and a tool-free jam clearing. However, one Amazon buyer was disappointed with the means for loading nails into the clip, which is more difficult than it should be.

Pros: Good price point for such a versatile nail gun, trusted brand name in all types of power tools, runs from an air compressor for an excellent level of power, can handle both large and small projects equally well. Cons: Nails can be difficult to load into the rail, will have to buy air compressor separately. When considering which power tool you want to purchase, you certainly will want good value with plenty of power.

For a pneumatic framing nail gun, the Hitachi NR90AES1 is a smart choice, as it provides good performance at a good price. You do have to purchase an air compressor separately, though. It's also a versatile nail gun that makes it easy to change the depth adjustment of the nail between countersink and flush. In its writeup, Nailer Reviews likes that this nail gun can perform just about any task with ease.

You'll appreciate the rubber grip and the lightweight design of the Hitachi nail gun, and reviewers at the Framing Nailers Guide say you can work for long periods of time without fatigue. This Amazon buyer agrees, saying this pneumatic nailer has plenty of power, yet it's also comfortable to use. The Framing Nailers Hub says this tool's design is well-balanced, which gives it plenty of stability, making it easier to work when you are reaching to install that last nail.

However, a few Amazon reviewers say the longevity of this nail gun is questionable, and it also jams up more often than they'd like. Pros: Excellent price for a framing nail gun, well-balanced design, comfortable to use, stable performance, works for many jobs around the house. Cons: May not last as long as some other models, you may have some problems with nail jams, requires separate purchase of air compressor. Although you may not use a roofing nail gun very often, when you do need one, it's important to have one that will fit your needs. The pneumatic Bostitch RN46 nail gun has a lightweight design that allows you to work for long periods without suffering fatigue, all at a good price point.

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    The best nail guns, in order of preference 1. Specifications Fire rate: 60 nails per minute. Max nail length: 50mm.